Welcome to the home of XDC, a gaming group formed in 1999 and still going strong today, playing a range of titles including Battlefield 4, Planetside 2, World of Tanks, and DayZ, amongst others. For XDC internet gaming is nothing more than a hobby, and we want to share that with people we get along with, which dictates our recruitment policy. We offer membership to people we get along with, without regard for how good they are at a game we play, as it's more important for us to share a similar attitude with someone and to enjoy each other's company than anything else. If that interests you, feel free to browse the site for more info, introduce yourself on our forum, or even join us on Teamspeak. You'll be more than welcome!

=XDC= Wasting time since 1999

Major TF2 Update

The war update is out, following the conclusion of hostilities the last week between the demoman and solider. The solider was victorious by a small margin, but it results in an extra unlockable weapon in this update for the two most versatile classes in the game. Information of the updates below and on our forums: […]

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XDC resurrects IRC channel

It’s been a few years since we’ve used it, but over the last week we’ve recreated our IRC channel, so feel feel to join #xdc on quakenet. All are welcome, whether you’re a member of XDC or not, so please join and help us make it a useful resource again. If you can’t be bothered […]

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R.I.P. =XDC=Mugworth

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of =XDC=Mugworth earlier this month. For those of you who knew him through =XDC=, 7thDR, Hussars or RD, you will know what a fantastic person he was, both at playing games and also as a buddy who has been on TS chatting away for […]

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