Major TF2 Update

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The war update is out, following the conclusion of hostilities the last week between the demoman and solider. The solider was victorious by a small margin, but it results in an extra unlockable weapon in this update for the two most versatile classes in the game. Information of the updates below and on our forums:

Demoman Update

Soldier Update

Left for Dead 2 demo Open Release

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The demo’s a bit too short for my taste, and includes only the basic cooperative mode, but it’s pretty hard when you set it on expert, and shows off the new infected etc quite nicely. Full release is in about a 3 weeks I think.

Happy 10th Birthday =XDC=

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Well it was pretty much the end of October 1999 when XDC was formed so may as well post this today. It’s been an interesting 10 years, and I certainly didn’t expect it to pan out as it did when I first came up with the notion, but it’s worked out better than I ever imagined. So a big thanks must go out to everyone who’s still here, and to those who’ve worn the XDC tag over the years, even if only for a short time.

Not many clans last as long as this, so well done everyone, and here’s to many more years of entertainment!

Left for Dead 2 demo released

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L4D2 demo has been released for those who’ve preordered. For those who haven’t, it’ll be available start of next week.

XDC resurrects IRC channel

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It’s been a few years since we’ve used it, but over the last week we’ve recreated our IRC channel, so feel feel to join #xdc on quakenet.

All are welcome, whether you’re a member of XDC or not, so please join and help us make it a useful resource again. If you can’t be bothered with the mIRC client, you can use the webapp, linked below:

Chose your desired nickname, and join channel #xdc

L4D Freaky Friday

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Free Weekend starting today for L4D on Steam!

R.I.P. =XDC=Mugworth

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of =XDC=Mugworth earlier this month. For those of you who knew him through =XDC=, 7thDR, Hussars or RD, you will know what a fantastic person he was, both at playing games and also as a buddy who has been on TS chatting away for what seems like years. Personally I will miss playing TF2 with him, or rather tactfully waiting for him to choose a side and then joining it so I didn’t have to get decimated by him again! Others will miss him for other reasons, all will miss him though.

Mugs was a highly respected and much loved member of many gaming communities and the Hussars have dedicated this seasons HCC cup in honour of him, HCC4:The Mugworth Memorial Trophy and =XDC= will be getting together to play some BF1942 in his memory very soon (date and time to be announced).

R.I.P. Mugs, I hear heaven has the best games!

Those over at ninecraft racing who used to race with Mugs have paid tribute to Mugs as well:


XDC Chat

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We have a new chat facility… this time it is integrated with the shout box on the forums so I hope it will get more use. You can join us in chat at

Heavy Update out!

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It was out a few days ago and you can read up on it here.

Coinciding with the update Valve released another video, Meet the Sanvich!

Forum Probs #2

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Normal Service should be resumed. Follow the link to the forums above

As usual you should delete your cookies if you are having problems

sorry again


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