Welcome to the home of XDC, a gaming group formed in 1999 and still going strong today, playing a range of titles including Battlefield 4, Planetside 2, World of Tanks, and DayZ, amongst others. For XDC internet gaming is nothing more than a hobby, and we want to share that with people we get along with, which dictates our recruitment policy. We offer membership to people we get along with, without regard for how good they are at a game we play, as it's more important for us to share a similar attitude with someone and to enjoy each other's company than anything else. If that interests you, feel free to browse the site for more info, introduce yourself on our forum, or even join us on Teamspeak. You'll be more than welcome!

=XDC= Wasting time since 1999

Forums Probs

Due to a bungled update the forums will be down till I figure out what the hell is wrong with them… I still dont know what the hell is wrong with them. I cant rebuild them from backups on the XDCUK.COM webspace. I will work on that… In the mean time I have rebuilt them […]

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TF2 Server Relaunch

Our TF2 server has undergone a major overhaul, with map voting now properly enabled, a ton of custom maps added, and Hlstatsx enabled. Please post any issues you are having on our forums and we’ll try to have them sorted as soon as possible. To view Hlstats check here

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Rats and XDC get together for TF2

Anyone interested in getting together a joint XDC and Rat TF2 team, try and be on steam tomorrow night from about 7:30pm. We’ll be trying to organise some sort of game, whether amongst ourselves, or against a friendly clan, but either way we really need to gauge whether there is enough interest in putting the […]

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New Teamspeak Server

The new TS server’s been up and running a few weeks now but it seems now we’ll have to start using it as the old one is no longer responding. To join the new server connect to and remember to log on as anonymous until you get the chance to register with the server. […]

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