R.I.P. =XDC=Mugworth

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of =XDC=Mugworth earlier this month. For those of you who knew him through =XDC=, 7thDR, Hussars or RD, you will know what a fantastic person he was, both at playing games and also as a buddy who has been on TS chatting away for what seems like years. Personally I will miss playing TF2 with him, or rather tactfully waiting for him to choose a side and then joining it so I didn’t have to get decimated by him again! Others will miss him for other reasons, all will miss him though.

Mugs was a highly respected and much loved member of many gaming communities and the Hussars have dedicated this seasons HCC cup in honour of him, HCC4:The Mugworth Memorial Trophy and =XDC= will be getting together to play some BF1942 in his memory very soon (date and time to be announced).

R.I.P. Mugs, I hear heaven has the best games!




Those over at ninecraft racing who used to race with Mugs have paid tribute to Mugs as well:


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