History of XDC

=XDC= Alzir writes… 2009

I started playing online games around April 1999 (I think this was when wireplay stopped charging a subscription for their service if anyone remembers that?) with my first game being Team Fortress for Half life. Back then I very nearly joined a TFC clan but pulled out at the last minute after I saw what being in their clan meant Anyway after a couple of months I found Jedi Knight 1 but all the clans I tried out for were full of dicks, so I went and made one up myself

Some of the shit that went on amongst JK clans on MSN gaming zone was unbelievable, so it was a great place to go slag off some yanks and wankers, and it was out of these (often drunken) slagging’s that XDC was formed. Probably because of this XDC originally stood for Xtremely Drunken jedi Clan, and the reason XDC was kept as the prefix, instead of XDJC, was because XDC sounds (if you have a Northern Irish accent) like ecstasy (there were also plenty of XTC clans running about at the time, so XDC was original) which I thought was appropriate since we’d be about having a laugh rather than being a wanker

So I started XDC around mid October 1999, and come the end of November we had between 12 and 15 members. Out of them I can only remember XDC_Insane (first member and different from our current Insane one), XDC_Awingg (the guy who kept running into tornadoes) and XDC_Darkness/Cerberus (fellow pisshead member) because unfortunately I still hadn’t got the clan thing right as a lot of members were turning out to be complete cocks December came, and I stopped playing online for a few weeks (taking time out for my 18th birthday), then when I came back shortly after Christmas, the majority of our members had thankfully left. It looked like the place was in a state of ruin, but it turned out Awingg, Insane and Darkness were still about and we had a great laugh together terrorising JK servers, and it was much more fun than before with all the cocks about.

My memory’s a bit hazy from the start of 2000 (obviously) so I can’t remember if we ever tried to rebuild the JK section, but I don’t think we did because, armed with a new computer, I’d found Rogue Spear The novelty of slagging wankers on the net was starting to wear thing at this point, but I soon found an entirely new type of wanker on the RS servers and this gave XDC a new lease of life. With RS being slightly more popular, and attracting a lot less geeks, than JK I soon found a like minded guy from Scotland who asked me to join his clan. I declined, telling him about XDC and that I’d been thinking of asking him to join us. He had a look at our site, decided to take me up on that offer, became XDC_Maniac, and the RS section of XDC was born.

That was about February 2000, and it was from then that we started recruiting purely on personality. SOCUK I think was one of the first to join after Maniac and between us we were happy enough being patient about the recruitment and just shooting the crap out of each other every chance and having a laugh. It took a while but eventually our games started attracting the same crowd of folk, who all enjoyed a laugh, and (I think) out of that lot =XDC= 7 joined initially, and later Spunker (who wouldn’t leave his old clan until they folded – despite all the bribes and sexual favours we offered him, though we didn’t have Turks back then ). Also about that time we bumped into Eggy, and soon after =XDC= Jar, who later introduced us to Morph. We then recruited the now infamous Dragon, who is one of the reasons we no longer recruit under 18’s.

That takes us to about June 2000, and it was about then that we started preparations for our own Rogue Spear League. During that time we met Recoil, who was the leader of one of the opposition clans I’d invited, and recruited XDC_Ziggy, XDC_Mercenary (who never really got involved with us but, incidently, he is Beermonster of Downgraded these days), and XDC_BK. The RS league had it’s problems but overall was a great success, with XDC finishing as champions

The league finished in August 2000 just before I went on holiday, and when I came back I had to prepare for starting uni so wasn’t about very much. During this time though XDC_Chimp joined (who became the other reason we don’t recruit under 18’s), and a few weeks down the line Recoil joined us.

Now into my first year of uni I wasn’t really about that much either, and it was during this period that XDC nearly fell apart. The great strength of XDC though is that we’re all good mates, and because of that the majority of members stuck around despite only cameo appearances from myself every few weeks (this was when Ali_G joined us I think). Anyway, about March 2001 we tried to resurrect the RS section with some competitive action, but we had quite a lot of problems (not least of all lag!) so this never really got us anywhere. We recruited a couple of scandanavian blokes around now, but we never really hit it off with them. Oh and I think XDC_Wolf joined us around this time, who we did hit it off with

We were all bored with RS at this stage and despite the odd good night, the classic nights of it never returned Operation Flashpoint became the game of choice for a lot of people, but it wouldn’t work well on my computer so I never really got into it. XDC somehow survived that though, again probably because we were all mates, and come February 2002 we were recruiting XDC_Queeker

2002 went much the same as 2001 up until September, by which time most of us had finally got ourselves broadband, but most importantly BF was out. Thanks to my old TFC days I’d always kept an eye on wireplay, and had watched the community there move to blueyonder, and from there found the original co.uk forums. I never really had time to take part in the forums but between us we decided to post (for the first, and still the only time) a recruitment thread requesting members. Most of you probably remember this, since that’s where the BF section grew up from, and that just about brings us up to today (minus the last 9 months which we all know about already).

BTW we eventually lost interest in JK, and that section ground to a halt itself, but I still hear from some of the guys in XDC at that time, and one of them XDC_Cerberus may be about to return The Jedi in our name was dropped when we moved onto Rogue Spear, and eventually we decided just to stick with XDC as our name since it sounds like ecstasy (with a Northern Irish accent ) and also since it winds people up when I don’t tell them what XDC stands for There’s probably one or two other things I’ve forgotten to mention but that’s basically the gist of our history.

=XDC=Magicker writes 2019

Another 10 years passes….

XDC is still alive and well and on a good night we can still put 2 squads in to a game of Battlefield (Battlefield V as I type). I joined XDC in 2002 and for 17 years we have been jumping from one BF game to another. We have been ‘Playing Fair’ and’ having Fun’ with our own style of game play every night in between. I have only ever know XDC as a Battlefield clan. I recall saving XDC Spunker from a rather nasty Panzerfaust up his arse in Battlefield 1942 and joined shortly after.

We have been going so long we have even suffered our IRL casualties 1st with =XDC= Mugsworth and more recently =XDC= Dropkick. It is an odd sensation losing friends who you spend only virtual time with.

Despite members branching out into other games (splitters) more recently PUBG and The Division, the core shared game play has always been BF. While we share our frustrations with many others in the community over the DICE / EA management of this franchise it is generally this game we come together in the highest numbers for.

XDC is still actively recruiting and currently we are holding a candle for the fabled RSP which may again after many, many years allow a bit of clan on clan action.

No doubt someone will update this page again.. in 2029.