Can I join XDC

Thanks for asking as it is important that you let us know you are interested but….No, I’m afraid not. Well, not yet at least.

But I’m really, really good and am ranked #26 on some geeky stats site.

Well done, but the answer is still not yet I’m afraid?

I don’t understand. You’re a clan. I kick ass. What more is there to say? I must be made a member.

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way here. First, go here and read the venerable wisdom of the mighty XDC mullah. Second, sign up to our forums (you may have already). Third, pop into the XDC IRC channel. Fourth, finally and most importantly continue having fun playing the game with the XDC types.

Great…. then I can join, right?


Possibly?? What do you mean possibly?

Well, after several weeks or months of hanging it out it becomes pretty obvious to us who the fun people are who might fit in and then you may, just may, be asked to join the gang.

Weeks? Months? I haven’t got time for that I want to be in clan

Well, maybe this isn’t the gang for you then. You seem to be taking this a bit too seriously.

“Too Seriously???” Fuck you and your stupid fun rule! I’m off to
join “Satan’s Death Lords of Vengeance” as they offered me membership as I’m so uber L337

Bye then.

It has been pointed out that the above may make us sounds a tad arrogant! This is not the intention, we just want to make it clear to potential members that joining XDC is generally a long process and can take some time and that it is all about being a relaxed, fun place to be. We rarely play any competitive games. If that is what you are after then this is probably not the clan for you.