XDC DayZ Monetisation

XDC DayZ Monetisation Program

The purpose of this page is to describe the monetisation policy/program for the XDC DayZ servers, which has been included in our original request to Bohemia Interactive for monetisation approval.

XDC DayZ servers are committed to following the monetisation rules as stated by Bohemia Interactive: https://www.bohemia.net/monetization

The primary reason we want monetisation approval is to offer priority access to players who have donated to our servers.

We may also charge a fee for requests to add cosmetic items, such as armbands, flags, or uniforms, however this will only happen if we are inundated by requests and admin time becomes limited.

Priority access for donors

Priority access allows players to skip to the front of the queue on connection to a server, ahead of players who are not on the priority access list. Please note however that there may still be a queue of players who are on this priority access list.

Priority access cannot be given to everyone, so we are going to limit the number of slots to 20 in total per server. When possible, the priority access list will be updated during the 1st day of each calendar month, and the slots will be allocated according to the following rules:

  • Our Top 5 donors of all time will receive priority access to both servers listed on this page.
  • 5 spots will be reserved on both servers for the 5 top donors over the previous 3 months (from the first to last calendar day), who are not in the top 5 donors of all time.
  • The remaining slots will be allocated to the next 10 top donors over the previous calendar month, however these donors will be asked which server they wish to have priority access on. This is because we want to give priority access to as many donors as possible in this bracket, however we will allow players to have priority access on both servers if they request it and have donated at least £20 that month.
  • Any unallocated slots for the month will be displayed in discord and will be given out on a first come, first served, basis to anyone who donates at least £10 over the course of that month (they will still be asked for their server preference according to the previous rules).
  • The total donations received will be based on the final balance received into the XDC DayZ paypal account. This means that any paypal fees for transferring money or currency conversion, will not be included in the total received from a donor. This is the fairest way we can do this because fees vary and are not always visible on the receiver’s end.

Note that if you have UK Paypal account and wish to avoid transfer fees, please use the button below to donate:

Please contact Alzir on discord if you donate directly via that link to let us know it has been sent.

Monetised Servers

Approval has been sought for the following two servers:

XDC DayZ #1 (Chernarus server) – IP =

XDC DayZ #3 (Deer Isle server) – IP –

Please note that our Namalsk server cannot be monetised because the map author does not approve of monetisation of any servers.