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    normal is for girls – real men play hardcore


    @Alzir wrote:

    Aye but you get all the ‘expansions’ with it…charging for them is a different matter, but lets face it, pc developer’s have been losing out to consoles for a few years and a lot of that is down to dlc. Unfortunately with console masses mostly new to the internet they allowed themselves firstly to get ring fenced by restrictive pay to play models and accepted dlc payments as the norm. Add to that 10 million wow subscribers paying for regular expansions, and I suppose the success of other mmorgs and you have to eventually realise people are willing to pay quite a lot for online hobbies.

    Not really excusing it, but our free ride can’t last forever, and i’ll be quite happy with this investment given the product’s quality to date. The old ea are money grabbing bastards aegument comes to mind, but everyone’s at it, and if you don’t keep your revenue up you’ll lose staff eventually and then we’ll spend the next five years grumbling over the continued dominance of cod and it’s simplistic multiplayer.

    I have no objection to them charging that much for premium. Just wish the deal was comparable to cod. I paid £40 for cod elite and u get 12 expansions/new map packs for that, when they normaly come in at 10-15 quid each (in the old cod games) its a pretty good saving. Paying the same amount for 5 map / map packs leaves a bitter taste.


    Especially since most of us already have the first one!



    New Vehicles, Trucks with rocket pods, Quads and and a fucking huge transporter type plane if you wath the vid at 1:00


    Its the AC130 on the fooking huge map

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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