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    four-aces deluxe

    Apparently your uni13 account has been active 22 days and Ajnabi was hoping you could log in just to stop it being deleted. I know you’re having probs with an internet connection having just moved so if anyone on here knows you in real life hopefully they’ll pass this message on. Good luck with the move (I know it’s endless all the stuff you have to sort out).
    Laters dude (or not)…


    I’ve dragged myself into a tinernet cafe for a few reasons, this being one off them. I’ll login in a minute to give the account another 30 days.

    Still no net access, fecking neighbour is still deniying access to the communial BT box, BTs laywers are now on the case 🙄



    I hope you are plotting some sort of justice, for the mean twat.
    I recommend fire 😈


    i recommend when u get acess hack him and send him IP messages sayin disturbing but unthreatening things, such as

    “My toes taste like strawberry pie in the winter with apple truffles of the summer as my ankles…care to taste?”


    Its a she, and shes abit of a crazy cow, today she’s acussed us/ BT of damaging her padlocked fence gate trying to get access and wants us to pay for the damage (either someones tryed breaking in or the gale force winds last week have damaged it)….and WE STILL HAVE NOT HAD ACCESS!!!!!!argh.

    I could rip the fecking thing off in 5 seconds with a hammer but having just moved to the area we wanted to be nice to the neibours and be friendly ect, fresh start and all that, she’d just get the police involved and id be questioned about criminal damage.

    argh what is wrong with people silly bitch 👿

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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