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    Ive got a uni 5 account which, even if i ever get telephone line/ net connection again, i probably wont play again so would rather pass it onto a XDC’er or affilliate.

    I spent allot of time building up the mines after anonimous threaght gave it to me and then moved onto fleet building….

    Light Fighter 3735
    Cruiser 474
    Battleship 560
    Recycler 144

    There all virgins though, never found a bloody target 👿
    Anyone want it?

    ps, i just cant give up my uni13 account, it’s been a year, i just …… can’t 😥


    I played OGame in Uni 13 for about a year and passed on the matured account at a COOL ONE MILLION POINTS 😉

    Don’t have much time these days to play seriously.

    My account went to Mafia who I believe would do much more damage than I ever could do.

    So, I wish him all the best in hunting 8)


    Four Aces emailed me so I logged in to check my account and suddenly time has flown by, should I say loads of time has been wasted. Its weird, suddenly OGame is calling me back. I think I am going to resist and offer my account too anyone who wants it. Will make my final decision in a few days.

    four-aces deluxe

    I have definately quit.
    Will keep my account active until somebody needs.


    hehehe still not sure which universe to jump into,

    will it be 2 with beer monster *shudders*
    will it be 5 cos uni 13 is “gay”
    or will it be with the “gays” themselves in 13?

    :s any answers anyone?


    well, i have done it, im in uni 13, who else is part of the Diehard lot in here? I also sent a request to the alliance, any chance i can rejoin it please?

    also, how do i rename my “home world”?


    come on die hards 😀 where art thou


    Playing something else!


    well the new uni, uni30 is opening in a couple of weeks, its ACS and x2 speed so might be a good idea to get involved in the beginning of a proper uni rather than joining one thats been around a while…

    and i think im gonna be there in uni30 at this rate…

    as well as 5

    and prOgame



    I may just have two accounts then, can i actually do that, I can’t rember whether you can or you can’t


    You can have one account per universe matey , not that I play anymore , managed to kick the addiction


    well, me and my bro set up an alliance for the hell of it, we are in uni 13 and basically are just struggling to set up mines n sh!t at the minute, i am sleeping in his room tonight so no doubt we will be up to the early hours sorting things 🙂

    ahhhh, theres that anying addiction iv been looking for 🙂

    by the way, how do i rename my planet?

    four-aces deluxe

    @[1stHssr]Batesy wrote:

    well, me and my bro set up an alliance for the hell of it, we are in uni 13…
    …by the way, how do i rename my planet?

    Go to the overview page and click where its says “Welcome on the planet [your planet’s name]”. If you want to join XDC you’ll have to leave your alliance and apply to XDC. Can’t remember how but it’s easy. When you get a bit of experience you can have my account. I think my bro is about to quit 13 as well so your bro could have his. You can have it now if you really want it but it has a load of rez saved for a second jumpgate (in vacation-mode) so it’s worth learning the ropes first before you get fleetcrashed and lose lots. Anyway it’s your choice. I’m not 100% about my bro but 95% sure he’ll quit – will keep you posted. Both accounts have moons/fleets.

    One thing I will say is “don’t do it” 😉 O-crack stole a year of my life! 🙂

    One more thing: if you and your bro are playing from the same ip address, it’s better to have no interaction between the 2 accounts as you might get banned for ‘multi-accounting’. This is where a player starts multiple accounts to feed his main account. Just so you know.


    Vic and I plat from the same IP most days, so I e-mailed a GO to let him know this would be happening as I would be using my laptop and Vic was using the pc. I think it says in the rules that you have to let a GO know if you will be using the same IP otherwise they will think you are account sharing.


    muhahaha it’s over 🙂 All my accounts have finally been inactive enough to be deleted 😀

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