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    I hate the introduction of officers. I have protested them and am very openly against them. Pay to get an advantage over others. Fuck that.


    This is a game almost exactly like Ogame, just with no negatives. They are still privatly owned, they will NEVER introduce something where you can pay to get an edge. Things are VERY well run and nice. They have good forums. Dreamwalker from XDC uni5 showed me this. This is Ogame with more perks, and more versitilty.

    You can choose to be a warrior, or a miner (XDC has miners/raiders and fleet crashers, so this will suit us perfectly!) and depending on which u chose u get certian things that the other class cannot.

    They also tell u how long till u can build a building based on your res income. Very cool. Their ‘premium’ membership (commander) is very cheap, and IMO, the coolest thing, when u attack, you can choose wut planet you want your fleet to return to!

    Check it out, we want to see XDC there.


    Well thats just bizzare, heh ho, doubt i’ll be back anytime soon and certainly wont be paying for the cheats. I strike down ogame with a flock of rabid seagulls.


    four-aces deluxe

    Yeah I saw that shit yesterday when I logged in just to see if my account was still active. Afraid I won’t be joining in on the new thing as I have my dissertation to write.
    I still thought the ocrack might call me back but with this new gheyness I’m now certain that it won’t.
    Hope you’re still raising hell Mafia. Take care mate.
    And hello Silversides. Hope all is well and that the seagulls haven’t tracked you down yet.
    Laters folks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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