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    Looks to be an updated BF2 on PC which is a good thing, and FREE, FREE I TELLS YA!

    XDC wild egg tamer

    sign up here:

    another vid:

    Ok, now when the likes of BF42 was out and there seemed to be an abundance of WW2 type shooters out there, peeps starting getting all stroppy about not having anything modern. Maybe it’s just me but isn’t modern being done to death and then some ? I mean come on! Since 2002/2003 we haven’t really had a decent WW2 shooter other than the red orchestra releases and to be honest i’m bored shitless of modern; never really liked it but suffered it.

    EA give us an updated WW2 shoot ffs! Not rehashed BF2 from 5 years ago.

    /rant over


    Couldnt agree more mate, its fucking boring and same shit all the time!! (although BF2 was a cracker)

    Strole on RO:SOH!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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