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    Anyone playing overwatch for any length of time will end up using this, especially if you engage with the other randoms in your group. At the moment I’m also going to be on it a bit because I’m sharing a house with someone who can’t get TS working due to a microphone issue, and so he’s having to use the discord app on his phone for comms. If anyone knows where you can get a free TS app for an iphone though, let me know, but discord is pretty easy to use. If I’m on discord, I’ll sit in a TS channel called Discord, and will try and remember to put the link for the discord channel in the TS server channel description – if it’s not there, just message me on steam or battlenet.


    Create a channel for us Matt? I mean not a overwatch channel but an XDC channel 🙂

    It works well on mobile too…it’s free. What it is? It combines messaging/IRC, voip,TS,mumble etc..


    Give me a couple of weeks and then yea sure….remind me though because atm it feels like I’m working 20 hour days and for sure I’ll forget this post. It’s taken me a month to read it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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