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    Christ, a double post, I suck, I might as well use this to address:
    @AutomaticMeat wrote:

    @bmstalker wrote:

    refraining from BF1 will likely limit my interaction with him anyway.

    2 months time you’ll have bought it. Frame this post.

    It’s unlikely I’ll buy another battlefield game unless EA dramatically change their business model. This year, they have the pre-order deluxe edition, plus the pre-season pass and have added micro transactions on top of that. They are getting worse, not better and as a total geek, I can’t reward a company that acts like that with custom.


    Kick them out! If people feel TS has become too uncomfortable because of fuckwits like that, why do we have them in XDC!! Paddy has been around a lot longer then most of us in XDC, so I vote fuck em off


    For the record, I’m not fussed about the little shits, but if I hear someone slag me off, call me a faggot and a peadophile I think it’s reasonable to say ‘would you please not say that’ (I was deliberately polite to all three I sent the message to. The torrent of childlike abuse I got in response was pretty horrific. I did delete them from battlenet, mainly because I have no intention of playing any game with them, but as they don’t play any game that I play, why bother?

    I know I can be an insufferable prick at times, but if anyone was to ask me to stop, I hope you know that I would, not double down, especially when they don’t really know me that well (Matt or Ben calling me a pedo is different, that’s an old joke from a long time ago, and I’m also confident that if I asked him to stop, he would).

    I Have no intention of playing any games with them, if they want to remain a part of XDC they are more than welcome, I just won’t interact with them. Got BF1 last night in the Black Friday sale (£38 for the deluxe edition!) so will play that, did I hear we had a discord channel somewhere?

    Participant hop in m8 lemme know if the link dies.

    “yee i got 1kpd!” 😆


    That was the highest my KD ratio will get, 1 kill, no deaths. Lasted 10 seconds.


    I kicked Space last night after giving it about a month to mull things over. The long and short of it is he’s an annoying wee cunt.

    I’m never quite sure why that is, and I’ve given him a lot of rope over the last 10 years, because I think there is something medical there, but at the end of the day I don’t want to have anything to do with him or any association.

    If anyone is friends with him and needs to be put back in touch let me know, I can facilitate it.

    Kicking someone from an online group isn’t an easy decision, especially when you consider what XDC stands for and how that evolves over the years. What made someone sound yesterday might not make them sound today, BUT in this case he was a cunt to me 10 years ago, in a similar vein to how he’s being a cunt now, so I think I’ve been patient enough with correcting this mistake in recruitment.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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