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    xdc the doc

    I just got 3 different irate mails from guys telling me off for crashing some guy called Kojak.. they directed me to their mission statement..

    Tag NPTC
    Name The New Player Training Corps
    Member 9
    —Members Of The High Council—

    Need Member (Leader)
    Need Member(Fleet Commander)
    Need Member (Defense Commander)

    This alliance is set up for players who are new to the game,We are here to show you how to play and if you become a really good player you may be able to move on to a better alliance that is on the list for moving to. You may move to another but im not sure if you will get in, also players that are not ranked may join as well. anyone with a rank can not join this way there are still players out there that can be attacked.

    The players in this alliance will be restricted to raiding inactives or others that are not in an alliance and learning how to properly play Ogame to the best of their abilities.

    If a player is offline for 3 days and has not told the founder then she/he will be kicked.

    If any alliance out there would like to be added to my list of alliance who would like to try and get the members to move up to them plz pm a Member of the high council and we will add you to the list.

    If you would like to help keep the members here safe because you think it’s a really good idea, then plz pm one of the members from the high council for a nap or to be allies.

    i hope no one will attack the members here because this is an alliance that does not look for a fight, it’s here to help and that is all

    For Allies or Naps plz talk to the Lord and leader, If you would like to add your alliance name to the list we have then plz do the same.

    —Alliance Links–

    S.S Wing (5,000 pts. and you must show you have the skill to your leader and Lord)
    Soren KF(No points but you must show you have the skill to your leader and Lord)
    ImpR (Must have 1500 in rank)
    Sith Lord Wing (No points but you must show you have the skill to your leader and Lord)
    DOW ( you will Need 50 000 points and must show you have the skill)

    More comming soon i hope

    Allies and naps are only there for war, if you get attacked then you must work out where you went wrong ask for help or look in the forum we are learn to play you must see the real thing.


    EcKo (From Etheric)
    Anubis J

    More coming soon



    Will never have one, we are a non-combative alliance and would like to keep it that way, mess with the alliance you have to deal with the allies.We dont fight and if the members are atacked it will seem like your just picking on them.

    Forum coming soon

    Had me chortelling away 🙂 This is the reply I sent – so watch out – they might come after XDC 🙄

    Lol – I dont understand – its an alliance… in a war game… that doesent want to fight anyone?

    Dude I will act as a trainer to any of their members… they dont even have to ask me – I will just do it out of the goodness of my heart!

    The way it works is… I will scan them regular… and if they have fleet or res on their planet I will raid them… that way they should learn the ropes nice and quick :o)

    No charge for this service BTW.


    LOL 😆 I need coordinates for these guys 😈


    They can’t be that new if the doc is looking to examine them 🙄

    doc roll on with the autopsy’s 😉


    i think we need to find their 9 members and ‘help’ them all…


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