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    just finished this about a week ago and have to say i really enjoyed it, the first book forever war feels a bit dated but is otherwise very good and you also get forever free and forever peace included.

    WAR William Mandela is a reluctant hero, drafter to fight in a distant interstellar war against unknowable and unconquerable aliens. But his greatest test will be returning to Earth. A few months of his tour of duty equate to centuries on his homeworld, during which he becomes increasingly isolated from the world he has been fighting to protect FREE Mandela returns home for the last time – to find humanity has evolved into a group conciousness which excludes him. Alone, alieneated and missing the certainties of combat, he and his fellow verterans search for an escape – and finally look towards space. PEACE A war is raging, fought by indestructible machines operated remotely by soldiers miles away – and for soldiers like Julian Class, war is truly hell. So when he anc his companion, Dr Amelia Harding, uncover something which could take the universe back to square one, the prospect isn’t so much terrifying, as terrifyingly tempting …



    read these books. my review.

    forever war. blew my mind.

    forever free. started well and I got right into it. ending was shite.

    forever peace. I don’t think this was written by the same guy. every paragraph started `as luck would have it`, `luckily enough` or `by a sheer god fortune`thats how weak the storyline was. put it this way , ive never seen a film that was better than the book. the film of this will be exactly the same as the book.

    to sum it up its a bit like the matrix. watch the first but forget the rest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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