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    xdc the doc

    @Spugs wrote:

    Granted the PC version is far better graphically, but there is someting about a big telly and sofa combination that just makes it irellevant.

    I prefer the monitor really – but it is hooked up to my PJ which currently has a 70″ screen. How big is your TV again? 😀

    @Spugs wrote:

    But the true winner is the, log on to live, xbox tells you who else is on line, what they are playing and if you fancy a game you just join them and turn on your headset. Job done.

    That will be Steam and teamspeak then. Oh – but they dont charge you mobney to use them on a yearly basis… or tell you to pay cash if you want to change your in game names!


    I’ve got TV inadequacy 😉

    All the steam carry on is great, but its just a bit of a hassle.

    In the days of 1942 it was all soooo easy as everyone generally played on the same server. You didn’t have to think about it. If anyone was on, then just drop on TS.

    /me runs off to reminisce


    same same now m8, TS is used by the hardcore, never understood why people don’t join us, mooky was playing tonight, not on TS and we had too many to join his server so we didn’t get to play wiht him, shame really!


    We’ve actually had a lot of people on teamspeak recently, and last night was the first time in a long time that I logged on expecting to see people on there. Sure enough Maniac, Wolf, and Queeks were there and in a game. Steam’s a pretty handy tool as well, and I’ve had it running constantly in the background for probably the past 3 years without any issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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