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    this should be areal easy fix for someone in the know (i should know) 😳

    so i have a new rig with 6 outputs on the back….one of which takes a small pin digi in…..which hooks up to the 5.1 amp

    can i get any sounds out of it ?? no !

    worked perfectly well on the old pc…..any help would be welcome…..what colour jack should i be popiing it into really ??


    What amp are you using?

    You normally have to assign a digital input on the amp through the amp’s menu. (On a Denon for example, it’s in the “input assign” menu, and Onkyo is “Digital input assign”)

    I can’t for the life of me think of the connection your describing. Is it a mini-DVI?


    I have a single pin small pin to go into the back of the pc…..normal jack

    and i play it through the ‘AUX’ output on the amp…….i have a pioneer vsxd811s amp……in the back of the amp its just a phono/jack 2 pin.

    i have tried popping the single pin into every one of the jacks on the back of the pc but cant get no sound out the 5.1’s at all

    also guide me in…….where do i pop the url for the BF3 badge thingy that tells everyone my k/d ratio is 0.4 hehe 😆 i have the linkly…..but am fumbling about trying to remeber where i paste it

    gotta be in sig right ?


    I thought you were trying to input a digital signal.

    Your description is a bit confusing, you play through the “aux” output – you mean input?

    The output from the PC is going into the PC?

    Are you trying to send a signal FROM the amp TO the PC?

    My advice? Get a mini-jack to Phono lead and use the amp’s internal processing to output the 5.1 surround.


    Order enable ‘Digital Output’ on your soundcard?


    i never did get this set up right…..still mucking about with it…..but have now moved onto setting up a link between the pc and my telly……i have the little adaptor which goes in the back of the pc…..and i have plugged a 5mtr hdmi cable into the telly

    lo and behold i have my pc screen on the telly……fantastic !!!

    but ??

    i have had to put a hdmi between the monitor and the pc to get a my monitor working which i have done…….but everything on the desktop,shortcuts etc etc disapear from my monitor screen ???

    they appear on the telly as if im about to use a mouse and keyboard and use my telly as my monitor….but the screen im seeing on my monitor loses all desktop items and is thus redundant ??

    all i am looking to achieve is replicate what i see on my monitor……ont my telly ??

    would any of you wonderful technical people know why this would be happening please ?? is there a setting i need on the pooter i need to change ??

    any help appreciated….this may be overcome in time for the olympics with your help !!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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