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    Its been a while since my wife has accused me of being addicted to computer games! The culprit this time is the survival horror building game 7 Days to Die.

    Its early access, so the graphics are still a little dated, but as with Atomic Bomber Man, you don’t need kickass graphics for awesome game play. Like many survival games out these days, you start in your undies with pretty much nothing to your name. Over the following 7 days, you loot and kill and build and learn and explore, while zombies meander around. On the 7th Day the hoard attacks, and you have to defend yourself at all costs.

    I am a bit wet when it comes to scary games, but this game scares the living shit out of me! There I am, minding my own business, mining some lead, and a fucking crawling ninja zombie screeches at me and starts nibbling at my feet. I reach for my barbed club and smash off his head with one bash… .then change my undies (my actual undies!)

    During the later game you can build a bike, craft weapons, set traps, create electricity networks – its basically Minecraft without the boxy graphics, and with a huge dose of scary shit. Its multiplayer too, and MP is so much cooler than SP. Last night my buddy and I were dealing with the 7th day hoard – him with his night vision goggles, me with my mining hat. Countless times he saved my ass, by warning me of the creepy fuckers behind me. Mowing them down with his AK, and then bow and arrow when he ran dry.

    I heartily recommend this game – and should be able to play MP with you guys, as I barely work any more!


    Wow – 3 views… two of which were me… its getting a bit quiet in here!

    XDC wild egg tamer

    I’ve seen, read and digested your post old mucker.

    Just to let you know some of us still lurk around on here, the rest are too busy gangbanging each other in that game they seem obsessed with 😉

    I probably won’t be joining you though, not played BF1 for ages, downloaded dayZ and played it a few times but just don’t get the time. Working 12 hour days most days, sometimes longer so by the time i get home i’m fucked!


    Sorry for the late reply, not been on the boards a lot. I’ve put quite a few hours into this game over the last year or so and am currently playing it again with Alex. I’ve had a dedicated server up before and plan to get a new one up and running when I repair my server (turns out motherboards aren’t supposed to bend). When I get it up I’ll post the details here.

    Good game though, good fun and has the double challenge of having to deal with Alex’s autism at the same time.


    Remind me who Alex is – I forget everyone’s real name!

    Absolutely let me know when it is up and running – I imagine a higher ping wouldn’t be too much of a problem given that it is not a twitch game.

    I am still addicted to this game, and still get scared shitless at times!Sadly it gets a little dull once you have most of the recipes, and it can be a pain in the ass trying to find the specific one you want. I searched everywhere for the minibikes one, then bought it at a trader… now I cannot stop finding it!

    The next version has a car and new bike that you can drive. Not sure when it will be out though.


    @TurksMeister wrote:

    Wow – 3 views… two of which were me… its getting a bit quiet in here!

    Yea man, we really should look at how we communicate these days. Forums are getting a little outdated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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