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    Islamic Extremists use Battlefield 2 Mods to recruit fellow ‘Freedom Fighters’:

    I assure you that when you have been hit in the face with .50 bullet a quick defribulation will bring you back to life on full health.

    I’m gonna sign up and join them ‘cos they said it’s much easier to get your knife badge in real life.


    WTF .. 😯

    xdc magicker

    hmm nothing interesting happened on that day i guess

    von smallhousen

    Have you watched ‘Over There’ ?

    I’m not sure it will be aired ‘over here’… quick synopsis, for those who haven’t heard of it.

    It’s like the modern day band of brothers, but packed full of schmoltz. Faggy looks coaching budget must have been in the millions, and the hospital scences, well I’m just not interested in how a one legged man learns to walk so it’s FFWD whenever i see one guys face…
    The director paints a seedy picture of the UK as a press orientated liar state. It never shows the British as the get the job done blokes that they are. Never shows us as SAS painting targets so that A10s can shoot them from miles away… or cleaning up after some gun-ho tank crew has demolished half a village.
    The director also paints the picture that Slovinain and Eastern European forces in iraq are brutal thugs who kill iraqis for fun.

    worth watching, – while I don’t agree with what Extreme Islam sells, America must realise that if they sell democracy they must abide by it, everyone is entitled to their say.

    and the war goes on.




    That “Over There” is on one of the satellite channels. I’d tell you which one but I was never interested enough to watch it so I don’t know. My advice would be to give it a miss and stick UK Gold on. They’ve been showing “Porridge” recently. Marvellous programme.


    It’s on sky one, never seen it but I think it’s after Battlestar Galactica, which is top dollar.



    Here is some film of some good old British mercenaries winning hearts and minds It’s ok though because it’s not British forces but a private company so you don’t have to worry that the good name of our country is being besmirched overseas.

    It is a few months old so you have probably seen it .



    firtsly it has nothing to do with Aegis defence, the company named in the title of the video except it was posted on a BB set up by ex employees of Aegis, and it was most likely South African “mercenaries”.


    The video and the ensuing invetistigation showed no tangible link to Aegis, as I said above. Also it is noted in another article that an irish voice can be heard saying these two aren’t stopping”. Given that the cars have signs on the back saying “keep clear, authorised to use lethal force” in English and Arabic, and the htreat of suicide bombers, the force seems to be reasonable at least in that case, in another of the clips a smoke cannioster is thrown to warn drivers approaching that they are getting too close.

    Any force that is used may seem to be excessive, but where cars are used as weapons in Iraq, the defence contractors have to maintain a distance between other cars, so I’m not exactly sure what the people are doing wrong, from wha tI know it seems to be perfectly normal ROE, the same as the American military. It should also be noted that no American personnel have been killed whilst under escort from Aegis escorts.

    In the first segment, a man’s voice can be heard, along with the music, saying, “These two aren’t stopping,” as a white sedan emerges from the traffic and travels toward the camera. Machine-gun fire erupts, and the white car slows down. Then a van swings into the passing lane and begins to accelerate, and the machine gun sounds again, continuing to fire as the van fades into the distance.

    The scene quickly shifts to the silver Mercedes on a rural highway. In the third part of the video, someone in the vehicle with the camera throws what appears to be a smoke canister toward oncoming traffic, in an apparent attempt to encourage those vehicles to slow down. When they continue to advance, the vehicle with the camera slows to a crawl and the machine gun fires. An approaching red sedan swerves off the right side of the road.



    Read your linkage and watched the vid again in detail and what you have said as well as reading the link you provided .

    I will take more time in the future before jumping to such conclusions on these things .

    I thank you for providing a clearer version of events 🙂

    I will be sure to forward the linkage you provided to the person who sent me the link to the original film also .


    Seems crazy, i thought that was Brixton for a second!!

    XDC wild egg tamer

    i would question the distance some of those vehicles are from the main car in the video! How is it possible to read a warning on a car in front of you from a distance of over 100 yards as is the case with some of those cars in the video unless the letters are about 2′ high?


    Yes, but I don’t see any of the long distance shots hitting and as you can’t see the guns, they may well be firing “across the bows” so to speak. Some of it may be slightly dodgy, but I think the situation out there is beyond any you can imagine, driving along a road knowing that it could well be that any of the cars want you dead in a major way would probably make you a bit trigger happy, if at least to warn people off.

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