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    anyone else ?? its weird….it was runnin like a dream….and then all of a sudden after a brief departure playing about with ableton for a bit…….joined last night and it was unplayable…..rubber banding….lagging…..horrible horrible !!!

    no goat porn running in the background…..nothing being downloaded……only thing i can think i have added to the pc is safari which i got rid of last night……and ableton…..but thats not running…..and should’nt be affecting the gameplay as it was last night.

    its pretty much making the game unplayable……any tips would be appreciated


    go to and see if you have any packet loss, run the test a few times from a few different servers, if you get a load of packet loss, or high ping (over 50ms) or high jitter consistently or intermittently then it could be your connection playing up. do the same at to make sure you getting decent speeds(above 3mb is ok, depends on your normal speeds) Also make sure if you’re on a wireless network that it is passworded, could be the neighbour’s son using your connection to look at goat porn.

    If your connection is faulty, restart the router/modemand try again, if it consistently plays up, contact your isp. If it’s not your connection then it could be a whole host of things, I can talk you through a few things on TS later on between the rugby matches


    Sprog sounds like the same issue I had mate – I ran a packet loss test on my pc and I was dropping packets all over the place, hance the lag. They came over, said oh, yeah your power consumption to your hub shpould be between 0 and 1 and your 17, this was fixed and no more rubber banding.

    Ill try and remember what application i downloaded to test packet loss – i know Beer used it too in the past but I did notice your ping seemed to jump around a bit mate





    crazy hippo

    the other thing to be aware of is running pingtest during the evening when you are experiencing the problems. when i was with virgin the connection was fine during the day but it would deteriorate rapidly at peak times. fine for downloading things, but actually playing was awful due to the ping and packet loss


    What hippo said…

    Did you get this sorted sprog?


    yer all seems to be ok….i think it was a problem their end on the particular night…..all seems good now apart from the nerfed AN94 !!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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