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    this frustrates the arse out of me when it comes to pc’s !!!!

    im hoping someone will know a way around this problem !!!

    so i have bought a new pc… play battlefield great !!

    but ???????

    having put windows 7 onto the aforementioned pc… would now appear that my samsung S85 digital camera is not compatible with windows 7

    please answer one of the following……………………

    a) does this mean that i have to buy a new digital camera to replace the perfectly decent one i already have ??

    b) should i be researching going to night school to understand the responses i may or may not recieve ??

    c) is this really a sustainable ‘customer service’ model for pc’s to continue with ?? surely at some stage bill gates needs to realise its his business model that is fucked…..not apples !!! and we should all be refunded for the too numerous to mention upgrades we have all endured as this is clearly atrocious customer service ???

    d) is it me being a twat again ??

    any help would be mostly appreciated…..i have the missus with the right fuckin knock cos she cant use ebay !!!


    When it comes to computers I think you should start with the assumption it’s something you’re doing wrong, certainly that’s what I assume when my pc fucks up. i’m on my phone so googling a lot of info is difficult but top result linked to microsoft and thw page says the camera is comparible with no action required. The question has to be then what are you doing in your attempts to get it working? What happens when you plug it into the pc, and what program are you trying to run it with. What are you trying to do with the camera may also be useful as it’ll make a difference if you’re simply trying to access photo’s on it or your trying to use it as a webcam or something?


    your Samsung s85 is compatible with Windows 7 (

    and doesn’t require any extra software according to Microsoft, so maybe some more info woould be best, what is the error message? do you have a card reader on your new PC, if so try putting the SD card in the SD card reader, but really there should be no issue, did you try installing the drivers for win vista by mistake?


    Cheers guys for the responses…i will check it out tonight and let you know… i understand it she just wants to get newly taken photos from the camera onto the new pc

    i will try to crack it tonight and come back with more info.

    or i might just bash bf3 all night cos i aint hit it for 4 days !!!


    @=XDC=Sprog wrote:

    or i might just bash bf3 all night cos i aint hit it for 4 days !!!

    Dam I’d be going cold turkey!


    i am m8….its horrendous !!

    she’s workin tonight though… hittin the battlefield at the expense of the gym and the washing up !!!


    would be completely lost without you guys…..thank you !!


    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t your PC ship with Windows 7 64 bit? If so that could be the issue that the camera is not compatable with the 64 bit version?

    Have you tried installing the latest Drivers from Samsung (Fuck what Microshite say) and then running them in 32 bit compatibilty mode? Sounds diffult but it’s piss easy check da interweb for instructions.

    Having used Windows 7 for a while it is pretty rock solid and will detect most devices without a problem, but there are always exceptions and Windows 7 is not infalable but any means.

    Anyhoo I could be barking up the wrong tree, but worth investigating.


    Cheers fella

    i got a picture from the samsung studio onto the desktop……mission accomplished

    and proceeded to bash the BF3 all night…..ah bliss !!!

    i love this game on pc !!! cannot wait for WW2 !!!

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