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    Seine crossing all the way…..love it !!!

    Would like to see this expanded to the 64 player map, and I also noticed on a different server the conquest points were different to what we have on the XDC Server……hmmm interesting

    So what’s yours then ??


    Firestorm all the way. If for no other reason than to watch Wolf continually crash heli’s. 😆


    firestorm makes me do a little sex wee


    lol max

    Not sure what my favourite is, but I like Seine as well Sprog, as I do most of the close quarters urban maps. The 64/largest version of Seine I think is pretty shit though, on a 32 player server at least, as it’s too spread out, and the river in the middle really gets in the way of the action.

    Maybe sad to admit this but I really do enjoy Metro rush these days as well.


    Yeah, my fave is op firestore, metro rush and kharg, 3 awesome maps.


    I’d be better pointing out the maps that are my least favorite even though Ive still had great games on them. Bazaar can be a real pain in the nads and, at least for the russians, dont even think about grabbing a jet on Canals, although a ground based match can be great. I love the larger maps like firestorm,caspian and Kharg but, all in all, if i was pushed, I would have to admit to enjoying rush on Metro as Matt mentioned because of the refreshing fact that it is the only map currently in the game where there are no vehicles in sight. Hope there are more CQC maps in future patches

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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